Liquid Vehicle Wraps

Liquid vehicle wrapping is the ultimate protection for your vehicle’s exterior.

What is liquid vehicle wrap?

Liquid vehicle wraps are made of a removable polymer coating. Sprayed directly onto the surface of your vehicle, it’s the ultimate protective layer against environmental damage caused by pollution, chemicals, dust and dirt.
Also known as ‘dipping’, liquid wrapping helps prevent fading and scratches. It’s an effective duco protection for cars, trucks, motorcycles and scooters. 100% removable, liquid wrapping is inexpensive compared to conventional vehicle wrapping.

Preserves that ‘as-new’ look

Want to preserve that perfect factory finish of your brand-new vehicle? Or want a whole new look for an old favourite? Fuel and solvent resistant, liquid vehicle wraps are seriously pro-level coatings. They rival the look, feel, and shine of an OEM paint finish and preserve the ‘as new’ finish of your pride and joy.
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Increase Resale Value

Ready to sell, but need a bit of a spruce-up for your vehicle?

Liquid car wrapping restores duco that’s faded and chipped.

It’s more economical than a respray – that means more money in your pocket when you sell your car.

Get the look you want!

Your liquid vehicle wrap is custom-made to your specifications. Select from a wide range of popular colours. Clear or tinted.

Pearl, metallic or solid colour. High gloss, satin or matte finish.

Our professional team will help you achieve the look you’re after.

Applied by professionals

Octane Signage are Adelaide’s leading supplier of premium liquid vehicle wrapping. Your liquid wrap is professionally installed by our in-house spray painters to achieve the perfect finish. With application precision, we guarantee quality workmanship, protecting the surfaces of your vehicle that should not be sprayed, like handles and the grill.

Long-lasting protection

Cared for properly, your liquid vehicle wrap will last from 3-5 years without any retouching.

Heat and cold resistant, it’s the perfect protection against the elements.

Have you considered pro-level liquid vehicle wrapping?

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Leave your competitors eating your dust using your superior wrap advertising!

Here’s a Few Sample Vehicle Wraps.

We transform your vehicles into your traveling brand ambassadors, promoting your business whenever you’re out on the road.

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